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            HOME > TRADE > International Copyright Trade

            International Copyright Trade

            International copyright trade is not only the way to strengthen international exchanges, enhance mutual understanding, and promote cultural integration, but also one of the important means to facilitate human progress in the publishing industry. Jinglun Media
            Co., Ltd.is carrying out the international copyright trade in the field of children publishing, planning to introduce 100 kinds of foreign outstanding works, and export 20 kinds of books annually.

            Below are several advantages:


            Compared with traditional physical books, books combined with digital transformation and upgrade present contents in a more vivid way.


            Jinglun Media Co., Ltd.has many partners. Nearly thousands of bookstores has participated in product distributions and marketing services.


            It combines independent operation model with collaborated operation model which emphasizes the depth cooperation between opinion leaders and large V marketing. And the enterprise’s products are based on this model.


            Many online shops will provide strong sales ability.

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