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            Company Founder

            Chao-dong Li, a senior economist, was born in 1963. After his graduation in 1987, he had worked as a lecturer in the university for several years. Then he founded Jinglun Media Co., Ltd. in 1994. Now he is the president of Jinglun Media Co., Ltd., one of the executive directors of the Chinese Publishers Association...

            Company Profile

            According to the latest census,the number of China's population has surpassed 1.3 billion . This large population base certainly provides great development space and market for modern publishing industry. In China, there are two types of publishing enterprises, publishing houses controlled by the country as well...

            Product Service

            Children publishing

            In China, there are about 100 million children under the age of six, with about 3 million added each year. Nevertheless to say, it provides great development space and market for modern children publishing industry.The enterprise’s children publishing...

            Education publishing for students from Grade One to Grade Twelve

            In China, the number of students from Grade One to Grade Twelve is 160 million which equals to half of the U.S. population. This huge market consumption capacity makes education publishing occupy 70% of the entire publishing industry in China...

            Mass publishing

            In China, there are are still a large number of individuals who only have a basic level of education or less. To meet their reading and learning needs, China has launched a specific project named "national reading project". The enterprise’s unique digital composite...

            Publishing Technology

            Along with science and technology advancement, publishing technology has stepped into a period of rapid growth. New forms of publications such as e-books, onling reading materials, reading pen as well as diverse APP meet the growing diversified needs of people. Jinglun Media Co., Ltd. promotes the development of the digital composite publishing by creating a new publishing model which combines physical books and QR codes. It blends the traditional publishing with digital technology. Specifically, it prints the QR codes on physical books, so that readers could obtain lively and comprehensive contents provided by digital media by using the Smartphone to scan the QR codes. Features of Digital composite Publishing technology: (1) It combines physical books and QR codes to enrich publications’ contents (2) Compared with traditional reading model, it provides various learning tools such as audios and videos enable students to communicate and interact with others. [more]
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